Great things never came from comfort zones.
For the past three years, Sinetech has conducted an annual satisfaction survey among its substantial client base because we want to achieve great things. By answering a few simple questions, you can help us to invest more energy in the areas where we already deliver spectacular service ... or help us to change those behaviours that may be harming our reputation as one of SA's oldest and largest solar power providers.

And as a thank you, we are giving every single entry a place in the lucky draw to win 1 of 10 handy 120W OmniPower Inverters. Are you ready? Let's start:
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This survey consists of three short sections:

Section 1 asks you about your recently purchased product and your satisfaction with it.

Section 2 focuses on Sinetech's Customer Service representatives and the quality of your interaction with them.

Section 3 is about Sinetech as a company and our competitors, and your opinion on how we measure up within the market.

First Name: *



{{answer_RObIZhJT4QK5}}, how did you first hear about Sinetech - Advanced Power Products? *

Do you purchase in an individual or professional capacity and, if professional, what is the nature of your business? *

Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following:

Courtesy of technical sales representatives: *

Availability of representatives: *

Knowledge of sales representatives: *

Reliability of returning calls: *

Complaint Resolution: *

Responsiveness to enquiries: *

After-sales service *

Technical Service / Repairs *

Range of Products stocked by Sinetech *

Stock availability of Products *

Almost done {{answer_RObIZhJT4QK5}}! Now that you've told us how we fare internally, can you let us know how Sinetech measures up in our industry:

Thinking of similar PRODUCTS offered by other companies, the PRODUCTS offered by Sinetech are: *

Thinking of similar SERVICES offered by other companies, the SERVICES offered by Sinetech are: *

Thinking of PRICING on products offered by other companies, the PRICES of similar products at Sinetech are: *

Are you aware that Sinetech's in-house engineers offer services that include Energy Audits, Site Assessments, System Design, System Commissioning, System Monitoring, System Maintenance? *

What products and services would YOU like to see offered by Sinetech?

How would you rate the following statement: Sinetech is a leading brand in the power and renewable energy business. *

Please rate this statement from 1 (Not at all) to 10 (agree 10%):
Lastly {{answer_RObIZhJT4QK5}}, do you have any comments, questions or concerns? Do you want us to contact you regarding our products or services? You can be as specific as you like ... if we're doing something you don't like, tell us! We value YOUR feedback!

That's it! We're done. Your feedback will be reaching us shortly and your name automatically entered into the draw to win a 120W OmniPower Inverter. REMEMBER TO press CONTINUE to move onto the final screen and hit SUBMIT.

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